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Wellness Rewards

You can earn up to $300 in Wellness Rewards by completing the activities below.

  • $100 - Participate in at least one HealthTrails Challenge (Winter or Spring)

Choose up to two of the following activities for an additional $200 in rewards:

Download the Wellness Activity Verification Form (PDF).

Contact Us!

  • Direct questions about the 2015 Wellness Rewards program to Benefits 653-1400.  
  • For questions about programs and services offered through our employee wellness offices that support earning rewards contact Live Well/Work Well 650-5900, option 5.

Health Plans works to assist Wellness Reward participants in managing earned Wellness Rewards. Go to the Health Plans Wellness Tracker. You will be asked for your employee ID # to log in.

Please note: Additional activities completed after you have received the Wellness Rewards maximum of $300 will not be displayed in the Participation History chart found on the WellnessTracker site.

Earned rewards will be distributed to benefit-eligible active employees based on the following date:

  • All Wellness Rewards activities completed by April 30, 2015 and submitted to Health Plans on or before May 10, 2015 will be paid on June 26, 2015.
  • Employees hired after March 30, 2015 are not eligible for Wellness Rewards in 2015.
  • You must be an active, benefit-eligible employee at the time of the payout to receive the reward.
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