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Taking Care In This Section

Access your H: and I: drives

After you login to Secure Access you will be able to access files stored in your network drives.

Access your H: drive

To access the files in your H: drive, click on 'My Files' in D-H Applications.

Graphic: My files

The files you have saved to your H: drive will appear in a new window.

Map your I: drive(s)

Follow these steps to map a shared drive.

  • From the D-H Applications folder, click on 'Network Drives'.

Graphic: utilities folder

  • The Map Drives dialog box opens
  1. Click 'Add Department Share'
  2. In 'Drive Letter', click I:
  3. In Departments Share, click on your department's shared folder. If you can't find the share you need, ask a colleague or contact the IS Help Desk

Graphic: mapped drives

  • Close the Map Drive dialog
  • Return to MyFiles to work with the content of your I: drive

Find a File on your H: drive

To find a file when you are in your H: drive, use the Windows Explorer search feature as follows:

  • Double click on the drive you want to search. (In this example, we will be searching the H: drive.)

Double click on drive you want to search

  • Enter your search term in the search box at the upper-right of the window. Note that not only can you search on specific terms, but you can also search for a date or range of dates the file has been modified. Just click on the Date modified: button to select a date or range of dates.

Windows Explorer showing search box at top right

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