External Clients

Employer fee-for-service exams

Pre-employment exams and drug screens

Pre-employment exams provide a baseline measurement of the health and physical ability of a prospective employee at the request of the employer. Please contact us for details on what form you need. We also provide pre-employment and random drug testing.

Work injury evaluation and treatment

We offer a broad range of health services and screenings to assess and treat employees’ work-related health issues and injuries.

Department of Transportation (DOT) exams

These exams are performed upon the request of a client. Based on a complete DOT physical, a DOT medical certification card, which meets current regulations, is issued.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exams

Certified FAA providers are available for these specialized exams. Please call Occupational Medicine to schedule your next FAA Exam.

Permanent impairment ratings and independent medical exams

These exams are designed to assess and rate your work related injury. Ratings and exams require a referral or authorization. Please call Occupational Medicine for screening information.

Medical surveillance screenings

Exams are performed to meet OSHA regulations for respirator use (including lead, asbestos, and hazardous materials) and industrial audiograms for hearing conservation programs.