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Taking Care In This Section

Amber J. Erskine

Administrative Supervisor

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – CGAT Research

What is your fondest memory from your 25 years working at Dartmouth-Hitchcock?

In Pathology we are behind the scenes—behind phones and computers and microscopes and testing equipment. My fondest moments are those rare occasions where I’ve had the privilege of speaking with patients. These precious and few moments stay with me as a constant reminder that every name or medical record number that crosses my desk is someone who loves and is loved. We must continue to give every request, every sample, every person, our very best effort.

What inspires you?

I’m surrounded by ambitious, talented, brilliant minds. With so much darkness that can creep in from today’s world, their humor and optimistic outlook that anything is possible keep me going. It’s an honor to support them in their important clinical work and research. Our lab director’s motto has always been, “Get good-hearted people; the rest will fall into place.” I’m so very fortunate to work with this team..

What do you like best about your department?

Pathology has always felt like family. Our numbers have grown substantially over the years, and across the labs, I only know a fraction of the staff personally now. However, there is still a camaraderie when you pass in the halls like we’re in this busy, crazy worthwhile thing together.