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Taking Care In This Section

Bruce H. King

Photo of Bruce H. King Lead Security Officer, Office of Safety & Security

I proudly served my country in the Marines in 1968-70 and now proudly work as a security officer at DHMC.

I was born here in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and have lived in the Upper Valley most of my Life. In 1967, I quit Hanover High School while in my junior year to enlist in military service. In January of 1968, I joined the Marines, went to Parris Island, South Carolina for my boot camp, became a Combat Engineer, and almost immediately received orders to Vietnam.

I was 17 years old when I landed at DaNang Air Base. What a wakeup call! I was with the 1st Marine Division, 11th Marine Regiment, and was stationed with the Artillery at Hills 10, 34, and 55. I went on all kinds of “search-and-clear” missions with my bulldozer. The highest rank I held was E-4.

I came home for a 30-day leave in 1969 and married my wife, Sylvia. We spent seven days together as husband and wife before I went back to Vietnam. I completed my duty in 1970, and returned to Sylvia and my home. We’ve been together 50 years now. The Marines taught me how to have respect for others and their beliefs, as well as compassion for those who are not as fortunate as myself. I learned how to listen to details and how to adapt to each changing situation, all which have been extremely useful in my role as a security officer. I am one of two officers that has completed all three courses in the IAHSS (International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety).

One of the biggest things that I learned in the USMC was TEAM WORK, also respect and trust in those in command, right or wrong. I trust my fellow security officers, and I take pride in who I am and what I and my job stand for.

All of these are things that I learned in my life journey, with the help of the Marine Corps and DHMC.