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Taking Care In This Section

Chelsea Worthen, MBA

Chelsea Worthen

Practice Manager
Primary Care

Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Heater Road

"I always put the patient at the center of what we do. When I’m handling a concern, I think to myself: ‘What if this was my family member? How would I want them to be cared for?’ This personalization helps me ensure that our workflows are truly patient-centered.

My goal is to make everyone’s day easier. As a practice manager, my job is to make sure we are operating efficiently, but that can’t happen if those doing the work don’t feel valued and appreciated.

It brings me joy to know I made someone’s day a little bit better. And of course, a smile and a simple ‘How are you?’ goes a long way."

"My goal is to make everyone’s day easier."

Chelsea Worthen, MBA