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Taking Care In This Section

Chris Olivier

Nurse, Endoscopy

Serving in the military allowed me the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of my father, uncles and grandfather. It gave me a chance to experience things I may not have otherwise experienced. I was also given the chance to meet and work with people from backgrounds different than my own. Since I joined the Army while in high school, serving gave me a sense of independence and afforded me the opportunity to go to college for degrees in engineering and nursing.

My military service helped to instill in me the professionalism, determination and selflessness that is required in the medical field today. I realized during my time in the Army that I wanted to be able to contribute to others as a civilian, which influenced me to go back to school to study nursing. The challenges faced in the Army helped prepare me for my career as a nurse.

Photo: This photo was taken at A Co. 324th Signal Battalion headquarters in Greenville, SC.