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Taking Care In This Section

Christopher Gassett

Photo of Christopher Gassett Christopher Gassett, Applications Systems Programmer Analyst Sr., Information Services

I was 18 when I enlisted in the US Army as an infantryman (11B) for a short two-year tour to become eligible for the Army College Fund and the GI Bill. I did my basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia and was then stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky for the rest of my tour. While at Fort Knox I was an M60 Machine gunner, Dragon gunner, M16 rifleman, and ¼ Ton Jeep driver for my first sergeant and company commander.

After my active duty tour I enrolled in college and reenlisted with the Army Reserves in Chester, Vermont as an MP. After a year, I transferred to another Reserve unit in Keene, New Hampshire, to attend training to become ‘H’, or Instructor qualified. This designation gave me the qualifications needed to train troops which I did for two more tours before joining the Vermont Army National Guard in Williston, Vemont, as an artillery surveyor, which is where I ended my military career in 1997.

I made great use of the Army College Fund and GI Bill to obtain my AAS in Business Management from New Hampshire Technical College in 1995. I followed that up with a BS in Information Technology from Franklin Pierce College in 1999.