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Taking Care In This Section

Craig Russo

Senior Appl. Systems Program Analyst, Information Systems

I completed my four-year tour in the US Navy as an aircraft mechanic. I’m most proud of my time on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) during the First Gulf War, and then as an F-14 Tomcat aircraft engine mechanic in Rota, Spain. I spent years in military support roles after my discharge, primarily assisting Army, Navy and Marine Corp personnel improve their basic skills and helping them work toward their college degrees. 

On the surface my skill set might appear dissimilar to my current position at DHMC as an information systems professional. However, many of the secondary skills I learned in the military, as well as the personal traits it helped me hone, have a direct, day-to-day impact on my job. Among those that I value the most are teamwork, being detail-oriented, taking responsibility for my actions, personal integrity, and always doing the best job possible. I’m no longer “haze gray and underway” in the Navy, but I actively use the skills I learned in the military community to make DHMC a better place to work and, ultimately, a better place for our patients.