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Taking Care In This Section

Debra Morgan

Debra Morgan

Supervisor, Health Information Management

Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Manchester

"I am someone who always tries to help people in any situation. I try my best to anticipate an obstacle for the patient and head it off before it becomes a problem. Some days this can be challenging, but when a patient says ‘thank you,’ it makes a difference. I keep all the thank-you notes patients have written to me, and when it’s been a rough day, I like to go back and read them.

I try to do little things to brighten up the day. We’ll share a joke, play word games or find a reason to celebrate anything. I put little candies on employees’ desks, and I’ve even given out medals for great teamwork. Even though it’s serious work, I try to make the job a little more fun."

"I try to make the job a little more fun."

Debra Morgan