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Taking Care In This Section

Dierdre Muller, PT, MHA

Dierdre Muller

Information Systems Analyst
eD-H Inpatient Team

Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Lebanon

"While I’m not directly involved in patient care any longer, my work in eD-H indirectly helps the patients we serve. I am actively involved in creating, maintaining and improving tools for the inpatient providers, nurses and allied health staff to make their work more streamlined, enabling them to spend more time with their patients.

My teammates are always there for each other; it’s a good feeling. They often refer to me as ‘the cruise director.’ Work can be hard as we all know, but I try to bring a positive attitude to work every day, to support my colleagues and be an active listener. Just saying ‘thank you’ makes a world of difference."

"Just saying ‘Thank You’ makes a world of difference."

Dierdre Muller, PT, MHA