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Taking Care In This Section

Dustin S. Ray

Dustin RayData Warehouse Prog/Analyst, IS-Applications HDRS

My military journey started after watching several of my friends go off to serve in Desert Storm. In March of 1992, the Air Force finally gave me tickets to fly from Nashville, Tennessee, to Lackland, Texas, so that I could spend some quality time down at boot camp. After finishing my time in boot camp, I was placed on a bus and sent to Goodfellow Air Force Base, in the small town of San Angelo, Texas.

After my time in Texas, I was sent to Chicksands Air Force Base, located in England. Working with the intelligence community took me from England to South Korea and eventually to Maryland where I was fortunate enough to work with the Joint Military Operations at the National Security Agency (NSA). When I finished my military career, I was hired by Hewlett-Packard, Federal Division, and continued to work at the Agency as a contractor to support our troops abroad.

The wife and I had a discussion about moving out of the suburbs of Maryland and out into the country. She wanted to moved north and I was thinking we should check out the south, so we compromised, and a short time later we arrived in Vermont. Though I joke abot it, I'm so glad we did.

In 2010, Dartmouth-Hitchcock hired me as a programmer in IS User Support. I now work for the D-HDRS team. I found that transitioning from supporting our military troops to supporting our medical personnel was quite easy, because the missions are very similar.