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Taking Care In This Section

Edie Domian

Edie Domian Operations Director, Live Well/Work Well Program

Edie Domian arrived at D-H in January 2013, with an MBA, a Masters in Healthcare Management and 20 years under her belt— including nine years of active duty with tours in Afghanistan building field hospitals with coalition forces, “putting together a hospital while rockets were flying overhead.”

Born in Poland, Domian arrived in the U.S in 1983 and six years later joined the Army Reserves as a Russian Linguist and Interrogator. Now, a Lieutenant Colonel and a Medical Service Corps officer in the Air Force Reserve, she says her service “resulted in incredible opportunities to lead, follow and serve our country and its people. It defined my critical thinking skills, developed me as a leader and, fostered the ability to work calmly under pressure. The skill and discipline we acquire as service men and women become part of our DNA, promote ability to function in a variety of environments and assume roles of responsibility.”

Photo: Edie Domian, in D-H’s Live Well/Work Well program, with her sons Erik and Daniel during her promotion to LtCol.