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Taking Care In This Section

George Lixfield, PhD

Senior Performance Improvement Consultant, Performance Improvement
United States Air Force

My mother was an immigrant to this country and always emphasized service and contributing to the defense of this country in which she and her family found refuge. I found military service to be one that emphasized integrity and caring for the people with whom you served. I served on three continents and in many countries and found the experience of living in a different culture/nation to be the opportunity to learn about others, and to understand and respect different customs and values. I also learned to regard war as the failure of a diplomatic process and wish we could go back to the times when the political leaders who start wars stood in the front lines of battle—we just might have fewer wars.

The commitment to service and working as a team are directly transferable to my work at D-H. There is a lot I learned about helping to improve organizations that I apply here.