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Taking Care In This Section

Jay A. Lorah, DO

Jay Lorah

Family Practice

Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Bedford

"My job allows me to bring hope where there is despair, joy where there is sadness and consolation to those who need consoling. Working at D-H offers me the opportunity to practice medicine with a small-practice feel, with the support and resources of a larger system. This allows me to focus more intimately on a patient’s mind, body and soul. In this manner, I not only can take care of a patient’s physical needs, but also help him or her with their mental and spiritual needs as well.

I show appreciation for all the things my coworkers do by providing encouragement, offering thanks and letting them know that I am blessed to be working with them."

"My job allows me to bring hope where there is despair."

Jay A. Lorah, DO