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Taking Care In This Section

Katye Reed, CBAP

Project Manager, Project Management Office

When I think about my time in the military, the first thing that comes to mind is loyalty. Those I served with are people I would do anything for, even to this day. In the Marine Corps, we treat each other as family and watch out for one another both in combat and non-combat environments.

Serving in the military provided an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether they were my comrades in arms or the local population, I learned the importance an individual and a team can make by advocating for others with a little perseverance. I learned to push myself beyond my comfort zone both professionally and personally in a variety of different settings.

I've been taught the importance of leadership, teamwork, the ability to operate in high-tempo environments and be adaptable to change.

Photo: The first girls school in Musa Qal'ah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan