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Taking Care In This Section

Kayla Cappetta

Photo of Kayla Cappetta Coding Advisor, Clinical Document Improvment

In 2006, I joined the New York Army National Guard as a military police officer. In 2008 I joined the New York Military Funeral Services (Honor Guard) full-time. Also in 2008, I went to Arizona for a month to conduct border patrol missions. I then decided to volunteer for a full-time position in 2009 with the 49th Missile Defense Battalion in Fort Greely, Alaska and was stationed there until 2012. I then moved to Vermont and joined the Garrison Support Command located in Jericho, Vermont, as a military police officer/range control officer. In 2013, I volunteered to also be the first—and only—female, so far, on the Military Engagement Team of Vermont to deploy to Senegal, Africa. I went there for a month and taught high officials about security and border patrol missions. In 2014, I entered into the Vermont Hi-Tech Program to become a medical coder here at D-H. I am still with the unit in Jericho, Vermont, as a staff sergeant and a part-time/regular National Guard soldier. The military has helped influence my job here by teaching me professionalism, leadership skills, communication skills, and order.