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Taking Care In This Section

Kayla Cappetta

Photo of Kayla Cappetta Support Manager, Neurology

In 2006, I joined the New York Army National Guard as a military police officer.

In 2008, I joined the New York Military Funeral Services (Honor Guard) full-time. Also in 2008, I went to Arizona for a month to conduct border patrol missions.

In 2009, I volunteered for a full-time position with the 49th Missile Defense Battalion in Fort Greely, Alaska, and was stationed there until 2012. I then moved to Vermont and joined the Garrison Support Command located in Jericho, Vermont, as a military police officer/range control officer.

In 2013, I volunteered to be the first—and only—female, so far, on the Military Engagement Team of Vermont to deploy to Senegal, Africa. I was stationed there for a month where I taught high officials about security and border patrol missions.

In 2014, I entered into the Vermont Hi-Tech Program to become a medical coder at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

I recently became a member of the New Hampshire National Guard, as art of the 237th Military Police Company out of Lebanon, NH.

The military has helped influence my job by teaching me professionalism, leadership skills, communication skills and order.