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Taking Care In This Section

Kellie Yacullo

Clinical Senior Secretary, CHaD

Serving our country brought me so much pride knowing I was there to defend our country and the people who live here. Working side-by-side with fellow Americans gives you a sense of gratitude knowing you have their back and they have yours. The camaraderie is like no other.

My military time has influenced my work at D-H by teaching me to work well with others and be part of a team. But I also have the ability to step up and take control when needed. Everyone has a certain job to do, but in the end, we all have the same larger goal. In the military, that was protecting and serving our country—and each other. At D-H, there is a camaraderie here as well. Here, our primary goal is patient care.

Photo: This picture was taken during a Captain Change of Command on board the USS Emory S. Land, Submarine Tender in La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy.