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Taking Care In This Section

Kelsi Nanatovich

Kelsi Nanatovich

Unit Support Assistant, Neurology

I joined the Army in February 2014. I trained at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and then at Fort Gordon, GA as a Communication Specialist. After training, I was stationed at Fort Drum, NY where I was part of the 59th Chemical Unit, 48th Chemical Battalion. During that time, I was the communication specialist working as battle tracker, maintaining and operating communications equipment and tracking operations going on in the field. I was responsible for troubleshooting all communications equipment and ensuring immediate and accurate diagnosis of the issue to enable the troops to utilize the systems.

I was then assigned to the 110th Transportation Unit, 548th Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade. I worked as the subject matter expert for the communications equipment, in charge of installation of all communications equipment in convoy mission vehicles. I was then promoted to sergeant and became part of the 226 Signal Company, 10th Special Troops Battalion in Ft. Drum, NY. I was a Signals Chief and team leader in charge of a six-man team. My duty was to my soldiers.

My experience as active duty was quite an adventure, and I loved it. I enjoyed competing in combative competitions and talking to young recruits about my experience in the Army. One of the most memorable moments was meeting the Sergeant Major of the Army and being able to ask him about his plans for intergrading females into combat roles in the Army.

The military taught me a great deal about my strengths and values, and I continue to serve in the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

Photo: Ft. Drum, NY 2017