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Taking Care In This Section

Kenneth E. Olney

Photo of Ken OlneySystems Administrator, IS Amb & Sched & Specialty, Cardiovascular Medicine.

I served in the U.S. Coast Guard for five years active duty and another three in the Coast Guard Reserves as a damage controlman. I later joined the Massachusetts Air Guard as a weather forecaster. But it was during my time as a Coast Guard reservist that I faced my most challenging mission, when I was activated to respond to the 9/11 terrorists attacks. Seeing the chaos of New York City in the aftermath of the tragedy was surreal. Humvees guarded vacant blocks, abandoned vehicles sat eerily empty and debris covered everything.

One of the best lessons I have learned is working as a team to accomplish the mission, whether it be a search and rescue mission or making a forecast that ensures soldier safety on a future mission. You never let a comrade down and your goal is to work together for the greater good. That concept has helped me to be an effective team member in PC Hardware Support, where we are frequently asked to accomplish tasks with strict deadlines or short notice. You need to be a reliable member of a team to be an effective worker and leader.