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Taking Care In This Section

L. Jocelyn Schreiber, MSN, APRN

L. Joceyln SchreiberCertified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, CHaD

I joined the United States Army while I was in college, and I took part in a delayed entry program in which the military paid my tuition, and I repaid by time in service. I started out enlisted and became an officer once I completed college. I used that education to serve our country as a soldier, and later as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer and civilian. Experiencing that sequence of events showed me that I could adapt to some pretty extreme and different environments.

My time serving taught me the importance of functioning as a team, communicating, valuing and respecting every colleague in their various roles here. I know that I will do my absolute best with whatever I have available to do it with. I can navigate through challenges, sometimes graceful but usually bluntly, and whenever possible, mixed with humor and humility.

Photo: Good old Huey and I in Germany. 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment.