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Taking Care In This Section

Laurie Heels, MSN, RN

Director, Perioperative Services

I was extremely fortunate to receive a US Army ROTC scholarship. I concentrated on excelling academically, but I was also expected to learn everything required of an officer and soldier in my ROTC program. I learned valuable leadership skills and that when you think you can't go any further, you manage to push a little more. My three years in ROTC and five years on active duty shaped who I am today, and I am grateful to those officers and enlisted soldiers who taught me so much. It was an honor to serve my country.

I also learned the value of a team. The leadership and team skills I developed in the military continue to serve me well. My time in the military made me extremely grateful for the freedoms we enjoy today. I take no day for granted, and I am appreciative of every opportunity to help our patients and employees thrive.

Photo: Laurie (far right), Officer Basic Course 1986 San Antonio, Texas