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Taking Care In This Section

Linda Dacey, MD

Medical Director, Kendal at Hanover, Community and Family Medicine

What is your fondest memory from your 25 years working at Dartmouth-Hitchcock?

So many wonderful relationships! The intensity and intimacy of a primary care practice allows you to walk with patients and their families through journeys of incredible highs and lows. I count it a privilege to have cared for so many individuals over the years, and I remember them so fondly. I also hold dear the richness of the memories of my many co-workers over the years at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the VA [Veterans Affairs] and particularly in my home base of General Internal Medicine (GIM). Starting with Rosie Swain, RN, and Richard Delaney, PA, who taught me so much about clinical care when I was a PGY1 in the old GIM Walk-in Clinic, the list would go on much longer than the words allowed in this space!

What about your job/work inspires you?

I have now been working at Kendal for 10 years. The focus of health, quality of life, peace and comfort, and dignity at the end of life are an active part of my practice every day. The residents at Kendal at Hanover inspire me with their life histories, their engagement in life in their later years, and their incredible generosity to Kendal and the greater community.

What do you like best about working for your department?

I am so fortunate to work with an interdisciplinary team par excellence. Daily, we meet as providers, nurses, rehab and social services. Everyone has a voice, and everyone contributes to optimize the health care we provide. We also have dietary, chaplaincy, psychiatry support. I know this model of care is unique and I truly love learning from all these other experts in care to give a best practice of care to our residents.