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Taking Care In This Section

Lowell Messer

Supervisor, Engineering Services

I am proud to have served my country in the United States Army. As a member of the United States Army 2nd Squadron 17th Cavalry attached to the 101st airborne, I was a UH-1H insertion squad transport helicopter crew chief with further training in OH-58 observation helicopters. My primary mission was to maintain mechanical readiness of my assigned aircraft. I flew with my aircraft on all assigned missions. The 2nd of the 17th air cavalry's primary mission was recon. As our motto says “Out Front”, we were first into an area for evaluation.

I find that my training in the military (arriving on site, identifying the situation, and coming up with the solution during stressful situations) helps me to deal with problems in my job today. The Army instilled in me the importance of attention to detail as well as teamwork. These qualities have influenced my work ethics I have today at D-H.

Photo: Specialist Lowell Messer in Egypt during exercise Bright Star 1980.