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Taking Care In This Section

Megan R. Brown, PharmD

Photo of Megan RobillardAssociate Director of Pharmacy for Hematology/Oncology, Research and Infusion Services

Megan served in Iraq as an Army captain.

My experiences and time in the military influences every aspect of my professional career as a pharmacist,” Brown says. “The profession of a military officer is a challenging career but it also provides a lifetime of valuable skills and real-world experience that is unmatched in any other profession. The leadership and management skills that were fostered by the Army have had a profound impact on my ability to influence pharmacy operations and make important clinical decisions. In the Army I was tasked with making important decisions in very stressful situations and was entrusted with the safety of the men and women under my command. As a pharmacist, our patients have entrusted me and my team with their safety and I hold the same commitment to them that I did to my soldiers. The values of leadership, selfless service, duty and respect that were at the core of being an officer are the same values that drive what I do in my role as the NCCC pharmacy team lead.

Photo: CPT Megan Robillard, Camp Taji, Iraq, from 2006-2007 Operation Iraqi Freedom.