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Taking Care In This Section

Paul Boyle

Photo of Paul Boyle Paul D. Boyle is a Practice Manager in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

“I always like to start a conversation about my military career with this tidbit of information regarding the Boyle family and our military history. Since World War II my family has proudly served a combined 125 years of military service. That fact always brings forth a true feeling of pride from me. At the age of 19, in 1985 I joined the U.S. Air Force from Montpelier, Vermont. After basic training and technical school, I started my career at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in medical administration. I did tours in Turkey, Germany, South Carolina, Colorado, Washington D.C. and Delaware with a six-month trip to Kuwait and Qatar in support of Iraqi Freedom. I spent my entire career in medical administration. I worked small clinics, hospitals and medical centers. Each base brought new challenges and opportunities. With each base I learned different aspects of medical administration that included medical records, information systems, resource management and clinic management. It was through the Air Force that I learned how to supervise, manage each crisis, organize, interact with other medical departments and agencies, and most importantly how to interact with people. In 2006, I retired as a master sergeant and immediately transitioned to Dartmouth-Hitchcock. I have taken all of those experiences and am applying them to my current position in Occupational Medicine. I am forever grateful for what the Air Force provided me. The Air Force made me the success that I am today.”

Photo: MSgt Paul Boyle