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Taking Care In This Section

Rebecca A. Moffatt, CCMA

Master Scheduler

System Staffing Office

What is your fondest memory from your 25 years working at Dartmouth-Hitchcock?

When I was working in Phlebotomy, a patient came in at the end of the day to have STAT cardiac labs drawn and was feeling anxious about having the blood work done. With time, I was able to get the patient to go through with the draw. A few days later, the same patient came into the waiting room in a wheelchair, wearing a hospital gown.

The patient thanked me for convincing her to go through with the labs because she was called back that evening for emergency cardiac surgery. After that, if she needed to have lab work done, she called my supervisor to be sure I was working before she would come in.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the patients that I care for. It warms my heart to be able to help them through difficult procedures, calm their anxiety and see them through their fears.

I am inspired by the DHMC staff who do an incredible job caring for our patients. I'm inspired by the employees who work hard to ensure that patients get what they need and the dedication, motivation and kindness I see at DHMC.

What do you like best about your department?

I like that I am able to work in the Dermatology Clinic, as well as assisting with surgical procedures. I enjoy working with my providers, Dr. Marshall Guill and Dr. Emily Shaughnessy. I have developed some very special friendships throughout my time in Dermatology.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

During the pandemic, my department allowed me the opportunity to advance my career by sponsoring me to go through the Medical Assistant program offered by the D-H Workforce Readiness Institute. This lets me provide more direct patient care and offer more meaningful interaction with my patients.