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Taking Care In This Section

Samantha Allen, CLS-V

Samantha Allen

Supervisor, Laboratory for Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Lebanon

"I enjoy helping people and finding them answers. I feel that even if the answer isn’t always what people are hoping for, at least knowing gives them a direction and perhaps some peace of mind. Being able to give them that is what this work is all about.

I chose to come to Dartmouth-Hitchcock for a few reasons. I was really interested in the field of pharmacogenomics and in this area, jobs in that field are very hard to come by. I also grew up around here and Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s reputation of excellence has been well known for so long. I am excited and proud to be a part of that and the amazing work we do here."

"We make a significant difference for everyone we support."

Samantha Allen, CLS-V