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Taking Care In This Section

Tina M. Smith-White

Tina Smith-White

Unit Support Assistant

Intensive Care Nursery

What is your fondest memory in your 25 years working at Dartmouth-Hitchcock?

When I first came to Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) I was in Medical Records for 14 years. That was my favorite department because we were a small family. We knew each other's kids and families, and we took the time to do things outside of work together. There was always a lot of work to do, but we still had good times.

What about your job inspires you?

What inspires me is helping people. It's a great feeling to know you can make a difference in someone's life no matter how small it is.

What do you like best about your department?

The best thing about working here is the people. There are a lot of great people that I have worked with over the years that are more than co-workers; they are life-long friends, and I have D-H to thank for that.