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Taking Care In This Section

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The DHMC Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefit provided by the Hospital and Clinic for all physicians and staff (full-time, part-time, temporary, volunteers, retirees) and family members (including significant others and domestic partners). We can help with a variety of difficulties, such as family relationships, emotional or psychological well-being, and/or work-related issues.

Employees/family members may contact the program directly; a supervisor may suggest using the EAP; a friend, family member, coworker, or health care provider may also refer employees/family members to the EAP.

To make an appointment, call 650-5819, or email:

What Does the Employee Assistance Program Offer?

  • Confidential and free counseling services
  • Up to six visits per issue per year
  • Referrals when extended counseling or support is needed, or when there are medical, legal or financial problems
  • Facilitation of evaluations for psychiatric medications

Additional Services Include:

  • Consultations for administrators and supervisors around any topic that impacts the workplace.
  • Work with departments or sections when there have been critical incidents (such as the death of a co-worker), and/or when a physician/staff member is returning from a leave of absence, and/or during times of increased stress.
  • Referral resources (e.g., mental health providers, attorneys, community agencies, support groups).
  • DHMC EAP Online Presentations
  • Live Well/Work Well Classes

Nights, Weekends, Holidays

The KGA Employee Assistance Program (KGA EAP) provides after-hours telephonic backup for the DHMC Employee Assistance Program on nights, weekends, and holidays. 

Call (800) 648-9557

KGA provides employees (and their household family members) with confidential, 24/7 telephone access to professional counselors who will assess needs, provide counseling and support, and connect employees with the appropriate specialists and/or community resources. Six face-to-face sessions are offered through a referral to a provider in the community.

Additional Resources through KGA, Inc.

KGA also offers telephonic and online resources including:

  • Legal assistance – a 30-minute consultation with an attorney
  • Financial consultation – a 90-minute consultation with a financial advisor
  • Parenting, elder care, stress reduction and other topics of interest

To schedule an appointment, or for D-H login access information:

Call: (800) 648-9557

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