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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll in Live Well/Work Well Primary Care?

If you are interested in becoming a member of Live Well/Work Well Primary Care, please call 650-3640.

Is Live Well/Work Well Primary Care being offered throughout the Dartmouth-Hitchcock system?

At this time, Live Well/Work Well Primary Care is only being offered in Lebanon; however, any D-H insured employee/dependent can choose to take advantage of this service. Any plans to extend this service to other D-H practice locations will be reviewed as we measure the program’s success.

Can I join this practice if I have a pre-existing condition?

If you are a Dartmouth-Hitchcock insured employee or adult dependent of a D-H insured employee, you are eligible to sign up for this practice, regardless of any pre-existing condition.

If I get sick, will I be able to get in quickly for an appointment that same day?

Your health is our priority. If you are ill and need to be seen urgently, a member of your team will be available to see you for a same-day appointment during the week and daytime hours. In addition, one of our three LWWW PC providers is always on-call should you have an urgent need after hours.

If I get sick at work, should I call Occupational Medicine or my Dartmouth-Hitchcock Live Well/Work Well Primary Care team?

If your illness is work-related or may affect your ability to work (for example, needle stick, fall at work, etc.) please call Occupational Medicine. If your illness is not related to your job function, please call your Live Well/Work Well Primary Care team.

Will I be able to see or talk to a member of my Live Well/Work Well Primary Care team outside of regular office hours?

Arrangements may be made to enable you to see or talk to your primary care team during hours convenient for you. A provider will always be on call for urgent problems.

Can I email or talk with my provider by phone instead of coming in for an appointment?

As a member of Live Well/Work Well Primary Care, you can take advantage of our online patient portal called myD-H. Regular email is not a secure method of communication; therefore, Dartmouth-Hitchcock providers are discouraged from using email to communicate with patients. Depending on your concern, a member of your health care team may prefer to discuss your issue over the phone.

If I want or need to see a specialist can I call the specialist directly?

As a member of Live Well/Work Well Primary Care, we ask that you discuss your health issues with your primary care team first, and then make the decision together about when and if you need to see a specialist.

Where do I go for my appointments?

The Live Well/Work Well Primary Care office is located on Level 2 of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Heater Road in Lebanon. A satellite office is open at Reception 3M at the medical center. For added convenience, members of your care team are also happy to visit you at your work location by request as appropriate for your need and workplace.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

We encourage you to schedule a visit to “meet and greet” our providers and be oriented to our practice as you make a decision to begin your care with us. This visit will be available at no charge to you. This appointment will be focused on introducing you to your health care team members and explaining how the practice works. Typically, we will then schedule a comprehensive evaluation so that we can establish a personalized health maintenance/promotion program and, if appropriate, a care plan.

How do I transfer my records?

If you are currently a patient at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, your records will be available to your Live Well/Work Well primary care team through eD-H. If you receive care outside of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, you can arrange for your medical records to be sent to the practice by signing an appropriate release form with your current provider.

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