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Taking Care In This Section

Health & Wellness Coaching

Free health and wellness coaching is available to all Dartmouth-Hitchcock physicians, staff and their immediate families.

  • In person
  • By phone

Looking for motivation, support or accountability to make your change? For individuals and groups, Live Well/Work Well can help! Schedule a personal coaching session with one of our health and wellness coaches. Meet with us a few times or commit to 12 weeks or more.

Photo: Health Coaches

Back row: Wendy O’Connell, Clinical Secretary, Heather Wolfe, Health & Wellness Coach, Denise Biron, Employee Wellness Manager – CGP Front Row: Pamela Tilton, Health & Wellness Coach and Marion Cate, Employee Wellness Manager – Lebanon

Standing locations for health and wellness coaching

  • DHMC: Daily
  • Heater Road: Daily
  • Travel locations as needed.

We will come to your team for group education or personal coaching.

Coaching topics include

Live Well/Work Well Health & Wellness Coaches

  • Denise I. Biron, RN, MS, COHN-s, CHC
    Program Manager - CGP, Health & Wellness Coach
  • Marion Cate, MEd, CHES, ACE-CPT, CWWPM
    Program Manager, Lebanon
  • Kara Maville, M.Ed, AFAA, CHC
    Health & Wellness Coach
  • Pamela Tilton, RN, MED, CHES, ACE-CPT, CHC
    Health & Wellness Coach
  • Heather Wolfe, MPH, RD, LD, CHC 
    Health & Wellness Coach
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