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Taking Care In This Section

FAQ: Occupational & Environmental Medicine

What do I do if I get hurt when working?

We are sorry to hear that you got hurt.

  • Please let your supervisor know about the incident.
  • Please make sure to complete an electronic Report of Injury (eROI) on the Intranet. Please note: This Intranet link will only work with the Intranet Explorer web browser.
  • Seek medical treatment as you feel necessary. You may choose to see your primary care provider for care or Occupational Medicine. Please call Occupational Medicine at 7-4166 to schedule an appointment. If Occupational Medicine is closed and you feel your injury necessitates an evaluation in the Emergency Department and you seek care there, please call Occupational Medicine on the next business day to discuss and review your plan of care.
  • For Workers' Compensation questions, please call the Workability Program at 7-4166.

What do I do if I sustain a needlestick or a splash with bloody fluids?

Please make sure you wash the affected area with soap and water or flush your eye/nose/mouth immediately. Please refer to Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens.

Can my primary care provider care for my work-related injury?

Yes - in the State of New Hampshire, employees reporting a work-related injury may seek care with whomever they choose.

What immunizations do I need prior to starting work at Dartmouth-Hitchcock?

In order to keep you, your co-workers, and our patients safe, there are several required immunizations that must be met prior to your starting employment.

I was out of work for a while (STD, LTD surgery, etc) and am now returning, what do I need to do?

Please feel free to call Occupational Medicine to discuss your questions and concerns. Sometimes Supervisors will want Occupational Medicine to get involved with ensuring that employees are safe and healthy and ready to return to work. The Human Resources department at 7-4200 is another resource.

I am a new hire for Dartmouth-Hitchcock. What do I need to do?

Welcome to Dartmouth-Hitchcock! If you have not done so already please contact Occupational Medicine to arrange for any pre-employment drug screens or physical assessment appointments. Learn more about Starting Work at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

What do students/contractors/consultants need to do in order to attend orientation?

Everyone must be medically cleared prior to attending orientation. Your hiring manager should contact Occupational Medicine at 7-4166 to make arrangements for clearance before an orientation date has been established.

I need a copy of my employee vaccinations. Who do I ask?

If you need copies of your employee immunization records please contact Occupational Medicine at 7-4166. Please allow up to 72 hours for processing as a nurse review is done for each request. A signed authorization will be needed for every release. Please fax the form to 577-4165 or send to Occupational Medicine. Download the Immunization Authorization form (PDF).

I have been asked to complete a respiratory questionnaire. Where do I find it?

Please complete this Respiratory Questionnaire (PDF) and send it to Occupational Medicine. A nurse and/or provider will review the form and contact you for any further information.

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