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Taking Care In This Section

Tobacco Cessation

In person and/or over-the-phone health coaching is offered to you and your adult dependents to help you create a plan to quit, connect you to resources and motivate you on your path to live tobacco free.

Call 603-650-5950 to set up a coaching or informational appointment. Check out the D-H Tobacco Resource Clinic for more information.

KGA Quit Tobacco Services are provided through the KGA Employee Assistance Program. Services include counseling and an extensive online library. Call 1-800-648-9557 (toll-free).

Quitting tobacco is the most important thing that you can do to protect the health of both you and your family, now and in the future.


Employees on the Health Plans, Inc. plan and their covered family members can receive the following medications at no cost to aid in their tobacco cessation efforts when prescribed by a provider:

  • Generic versions of Zyban and Chantix.
  • Over the counter nicotine replacement therapy like the patch, gum and lozenges, are also available at no cost with a provider's prescription.

Employees not covered by the D-H Health Plans Inc. plan should check with their insurance carrier regarding covered medications.


Watch your local newspaper and online announcements of programs such as the Fresh Start program offered in Lebanon, at Alive Peck Day (APD) Hospital. APD provides this series several times per year and announces it through the paper.

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