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Taking Care In This Section

Safety & Environmental Programs

Safety and Environmental Programs emphasizes anticipation and the prevention of hazards so people, buildings, and equipment are safe and hazard-free.

Our services

  • Recognition and control of workplace hazards; 
  • Exposure to chemical agents, physical hazards, and laboratory/biosafety concerns; 
  • Conducting workplace industrial hygiene and safety assessments; 
  • Helping departments comply with OSHA, EPA, and Joint Commission standards; 
  • Helping to develop and provide occupational health and safety training programs; 
  • Responding to employee indoor air quality exposure concerns; 
  • Conducting workplace ergonomic assessments and recommendations of proper workstation set-up; 
  • Reviewing employee reports of injury and conducts accident investigations; 
  • Responding to hazardous chemical spills and conducting hazardous waste assessment, collection and disposal; 
  • Supporting unit fire drills and fire safety training; 
  • Through risk communication, working with directors to address employee health and safety concerns.

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