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Taking Care In This Section


In support of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s vision to achieve the healthiest population possible, and the Live Well/Work Well program’s vision to achieve the healthiest D-H workforce possible, an onsite recreational area for volleyball has been established on the D-H campus located adjacent to Lot 20.

This opportunity is provided to encourage all D-H employees and their families, volunteers and onsite DMS students to increase their level of physical activity.

Review these PDF documents to learn more about the guidelines for the safe and sanctioned use of the volleyball court.

How to access/use the D-H Volleyball court

Where is the court?

The court is located across from Colburn Hill to the right of the lot 20 entrance.

Users of the court are expected to self-police the court, remove any trash, and return the equipment when play is complete.

Who can use the court?

The court is available to all D-H staff and their families, volunteers and onsite DMS students to increase their level of physical activity.

Eligible participants may use the volleyball court on a voluntary basis on their own time.

All employees using the volleyball court must review the D-H Volleyball Information Sheet (PDF) and the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) (PDF) to determine if they require medical advice concerning this type of activity. After reviewing these documents, they are allowed use of the court at their own risk.

Alcohol and tobacco use are prohibited on DHMC properties.

If injured while participating in volleyball activity, participants are not eligible for workers' compensation. Participants assume responsibility for any injury resulting from participation.

How do I know if the volleyball court is available?

  • The court is available to all eligible participants during scheduled lunch breaks and after scheduled work hours including weekends, until dusk.
  • Any determination of the exact times of "lunch break" remains solely with the management of your department.
  • We encourage a mix of pick-up games and organized team play. Pick-up games are arranged via the DH Volleyball contact list.
  • To reserve the court for organized team play or to have your name placed on the D-H Volleyball contact list, please email

Is there a ball to use?

During the 'playing season', the net remains in place and the volleyballs are kept in a box at the court. Please contact Live Well/Work Well if the balls are not there.


During work hours, employees must park in their designated employee parking area. After hours and on weekends, participants can park in Lot 20.

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