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Taking Care In This Section

Wellness Ambassadors

LWWW Wellness Ambassador Program (PDF)

Ambassadors are key players who help promote a positive work culture by communicating wellness information from Live Well/Work Well (LWWW) to all DH employees. Ambassadors help LWWW to understand the specific well-being needs of D-H employees.

Ambassadors will get the word out about wellness programs and the many wellness resources available across the D-H system.

Role Responsibilities

Participation is Key

  • Be recognized as your department’s Wellness Ambassador
  • Communicate wellness information between LWWW and your team.
    • Invite LWWW staff to your team meetings & events to present wellness information
  • Influence the culture of health in your department:
    • Participate in wellness programs
    • Be creative and engaging when sharing the wellness information (ideas below)
      • order healthy food/drinks for meetings
      • create a wellness bulletin board/newsletter
      • arrange walking meetings/groups
      • lead stretch breaks
  • Communicate with Live Well/Work Well and let us know what you are doing, so we can share it to inspire other workgroups.

How do I become a Wellness Ambassador?

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