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FAQ: Workability Program

This page contains frequently asked questions about the Workability Program.

Q: I have been hurt at work and need to file for Workers’ Compensation. What do I do?

A: First step is to fill out the electronic Report of Injury (eROI) on the Intranet located on iRunway under “occurrence reporting.” Please note: This Intranet link will only work with the Internet Explorer web browser. This injury report will be sent to the Workability Program who will file with the Workers’ Compensation carrier if the injury meets certain conditions.

Q: I don’t know whether I should apply for short term disability or workers’ compensation. Who should I call?

A: You can call the Workability Care Manager at 5-4999 to find out more about Workers’ Compensation or call Benefits at 3-1400 for information regarding short term disability.

Q: How is it decided when I should return to work after a work-related injury?

A: Your ability to return to work is determined by your provider. The provider should document the injury and accommodation recommendations on the State of New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Medical Form and give you a copy. You need to provide a copy to your supervisor. The State of New Hampshire law states that the employer must provide alternate duty to employees who have work-related injuries. Please contact the Workability Care Manager for more information.

Q: If it is a work-related injury and I am offered alternate duty, do I have to return to work?

A: If the employee is offered alternate duty, the employee must accept it or risk endangering their Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Q: I have questions about returning to work while recovering from a non-work related injury or illness. Who should I call?

A: You can call the Workability Program at 5-4999 for more information.

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