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Financial Fitness

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Defined Contribution Advisory Group (DCAG) offers employees independent advice on a host of issues ranging from establishing emergency funds to the efficient growth, protection, and distribution of your estate assets...and everything in between.

These are the services available to you through DCAG under the D-H Financial Fitness Program. D-H will pay the cost of our core services for you. Core services include:

  • Understanding and effectively using D-H sponsored retirement benefits
  • Establishing and managing emergency funds
  • Establishing and managing cashflow
  • Establishing and growing net worth
  • Accumulating assets for retirement
  • Establishing and managing investment strategies for all accumulating assets
  • Asset distribution at retirement or termination including form and amount of qualified (403(b)/401(a), pension, social security) and non qualified plan (options, SERP, personal savings) distributions
  • Understanding federal and state sponsored retirement support benefits
  • Managing, controlling and extinguishing debt in all forms

Non-core services are offered at costs that are competitive with normal marketplace charges. Non-core services include:

  • Managing major purchases including home, autos and recreational properties
  • Managing death risks (life insurance planning, etc.)
  • Managing disability risk
  • Managing risk and liability (personal)
  • Accumulating assets to cover education costs for children and others
  • Establishing and maintaining wills, trusts and estate plans, and documenting these plans and updates
  • Evaluating long term custodial care
  • Reviewing charitable giving strategies
  • Continuing inquiries with planners and support sources

Visit Dartmouth-Hitchcock Defined Contribution Advisory Group (DCAG) to learn more.

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