Connect to D-H

In this section, employees can find resources to help them stay connected to Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) when they are away from the office.

Secure Access

Learn how to connect to various Dartmouth-Hitchcock computer applications and files when you are not in the office.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

You can access your Dartmouth-Hitchcock email when you’re not in the office by using Outlook Web Access (OWA).

D-H Access

D-H Access allows D-H staff and other authorized account holders to connect to Wi-Fi within any D-H facility.

D-H Applications

D-H Applications give you quick and easy access to frequently used D-H applications and resources.

Password Manager

myPassword allows you to manage your D-H Windows password without having to go through the Help Desk.

User Support

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock IS Help Desk provides employees with computer hardware and software assistance.

D-H Weekly

D-H Weekly is an internal communications publication that provides information to employees about what’s happening at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

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