Being Well

Tips of the month

Sign up to receive Tips of the Month through ManageWell® to support your well-being.

Our current tips offered include:

  • Well-being tip
  • Movement of the month
  • Recipe of the month
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) information of the month
  • Mindful movement of the month
  • Manager’s tip of the month

If you would like to explore more, download our Well-being Profile packet from ManageWell®.

Improving sleep

Poor quality sleep or lack of sleep can create many difficulties in our lives. If you have trouble with any of the following problems, we can help you:.

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Difficulty getting to sleep
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Waking up too early
  • Waking up feeling unrested

The Live Well/Work Well program offers coaching for employees and their family members who are having sleep difficulties. Call 603-650-5950 to schedule an appointment.

Building resiliency and mindfulness

Resilience can mean the difference between handling pressure and losing your cool. It’s a measurement of your capacity to fully recover in tough situations.

LWWW offers education and training including:

  • Art at work
  • Breath training
  • EAP counseling
  • Health coaching
  • Mindfulness education and training
  • Yoga classes

Education and training is organized by request. The Professional Development team, Women’s Health Resource Center, and others also provide training and support in these areas.