ManageWell® is the Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) employee wellness portal to Live Well/Work Well (LWWW) well-being activities and resources.

ManageWell® is open to employees and significant others, providing access to LWWW wellness activities and programs. Log in to discover a variety of programs and tools that you can access anywhere, anytime. The ManageWell portal is accessible both in and out of the D-H network.

To register

For easy first-time access, employees can log in at work:

Log in at work
(inside network)

To register outside of the D-H network:

Log in anywhere
(outside network)

  • You will need the employee ID number found on your paystub to register.
  • Enter the ID with the prefix “DH” (for example, if your D-H ID is 012345, then enter “DH012345”).
  • Your significant other can sign up by using your D-H ID number and your birthdate. Once in the system, they will be asked to identify as the significant other.

Video tutorials on the D-H Intranet

How to log in at work:

Access and first-time in-network ManageWell registration

How to log in from anywhere else:

Access and first time out of network ManageWell registration

How significant others (SOs) login:

Significant other ManageWell registration